Rate Sheet

  • ABC wholeheartedly understands that each client’s requirements are different. Most only want to know financial numbers or the sizing of the brewhouse or the size and amount of the vessels required to meet their projected sales targets.
  • We charge at a rate of $75.00/hour for basic consultation services. Some examples of these services are sourcing and designing equipment, assisting with hiring and staffing needs, staff training, SOP development, financial, marketing and sales analysis.
  • We charge at $140.00/hour for Facility Layout and Design planning, architectural drawings, Recipe Formulation, Business Plan Creation, construction and related start up coordination. We also offer a full line of lab services and brewery analytics.
  • Long term projects that require everything other than marketing is negotiable. Typical charges range from $6000.00-$9000.00 USD per month.
  • Simple problems that can be dealt with over the phone will be free of any charges. Any in depth needs requiring an hour or more will be billed out at the $75.00/ rate.
  • We also charge for all travel, lodging and meal requirements. Travel will be billed at $50.00 an hour, Lodging Accommodations shall be paid by the client, $50.00 per diem will be billed for meals.
  • If we establish a relationship I will require a retainer to begin. Depending on the complexity of the project and the time required the retainer will be $1000.00 plus.